Sunday, 28 July 2013

Berko to Cowroast

We had a late start this morning, for no reason other than we didn't have far to go today.  As the lock traffic commenced we started tilting, the joys of mooring in a pound!  We loosened off the ropes and the stern must have been 3' out and we were still on the bottom, not quite as bad as a boat further up though.

We picked our time setting off, after two boats had had time to get through the lock, by the time I had the lock ready we had been joined by nb Great Britain, with Paul & Anne on board, we did the next few locks together,  but we were stopping for a quick shop at Waitrose, fortunately for us so were they.  Shopping done and lunch eaten we continued upwards.  The pounds are getting quite shallow as we are nearing the top pound, but we have managed to get through with no problems.  We have covered 3 3/4 miles today and done 9 locks, fortunately once over the summit the locks are a bit more spread out.

We are hoping to get our service done tomorrow but it is dependant on the water levels? I think if they are still low then the engineer can't do what he should be doing so can do the service, we shall find out in the morning.

3.75 miles 9 locks


  1. If you're expecting more spread out lock on the other side of the summit, you might be disappointed...!

  2. Hi Adam, the ration of locks per mile decreases after the summit, so 'in my little world', they are! I know there are flights as well, but it makes me feel better!


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