Monday, 29 July 2013

Up, Over and Down to Slapton.

We left Cowroast about nine this morning in glorious sunshine, knowing this was not set to last! The lock will be our last ascending for a while and above it we made use of the services. I also popped into the marina to enquire about an engine service, but the chap was just back from holiday and had a shed load of work on. No matter, we would push on.

Now we were on the summit pound (Tring), said to be at times a little shallow. Although it was down, it caused us no problems and we chugged along in a cutting for much of the way. Ali made use of the uninterrupted section to wash a load.

It was upon our arrival at Bulbourne junction that the fun began....Two boats were just about to exit the lock. One was making the turn down the Wendover arm whilst the other was continuing south. Now common sense would dictate that the one going south would exit the lock first, allowing the other boat the room to manoeuvre. Oh no. "Reckless" came out first and attempted the right turn. This was a lengthy boat, not sure if it was the one on the Tv. Then the second boat tried to exit. It was fun watching. They eventually made it allowing us to enter.

Then behind us appeared a small boat crewed by two males who I believe were inebriated. The boat was a shed, but they entered the lock ok , both got off with one holding the centre line and we began the descent. N.B. Great Britain, with whom we shared locks yesterday were one lock ahead of us and kindly offered to wait for us. So as the gates opened, I set off to join them. The two chaps off the boat then had to get back on! Number one gets on nervously, holding onto the lock side. You can imagine what happened next.

Yep, boat starts to drift out with matey still holding the bank. A point was reached when near horizontal, he had to let go, and down he plunged into the lock. Number two is by this time apoplectic and berates number one with some foul language not suited to an environment with ladies present. Had a good giggle though as nobody was hurt. Of course no camera to hand!

So we continued down the rest of Marsworth locks, parting company with N.B. GB at the bottom as they were stopping.

Coming down the Marsworth flight

Marsworth Junction

Looking over to the Chilterns

Whipsnade Chalk Lion

Threatening sky

The view from the hatch tonight
Now last year at Hurleston junction and throughout our time on the Llangollen, we came across an obnoxious chap who shouted at everyone, was always right and wound us both up....Guess who appeared as we entered lock 38! Yep, just left the water point as we passed. We shared with this eediot in the next lock as well. Asked me if I was a Yorkshireman. When I said no, he replied good, because he hated them as they came down south telling him how to work locks. Prat.

At this point, the rain began. Big plop's, black sky and thunder. So we stopped for lunch whilst it passed over. But so did the Prat! We then set off in stealth mode, got to the lock and began the descent with not a murmur from his boat. Think he may have remembered me, or Ali from last both of us "had words" with him.

Anyway, dodging the heavy showers we made our way to a good mooring just below Slapton lock. The forecast for tomorrow is not good, so we may well tarry here a while. (Ali - nothing to do with the rumour of a very nice pub in the village!)

Miles 9
Locks 17
Swing bridge 1

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  1. That is the Reckless off the telly. It's home mooring is now at Furnace Wharf north of Blisworth. The owner is apparently fed up with people asking if the steam shower is still on board...


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