Sunday, 30 June 2013

Brilliant Bristol.

Well, I have to admit, Bristol has an awful lot going for it. We have really enjoyed our time in the city and have tried to visit as many of the attractions that time would allow.

The harbour is the hub of the city, although not really on the coast, as the sea lock divides the port area, from Avon estuary.  The ports water level is maintained via the river Avon from Hanham lock, so the water in the harbour is mostly fresh rather than saline.  Pity that, as I hoped increased salinity would have killed off some of the weed growth on the hull!

Anyway, as a small passenger ferry crosses the harbour from the end of our pontoon, we took this to Spike island, the home of the SS Great Britain.  This is yet another of Brunel's marvels and really is a must see if visiting the city. The museum and ship are truly marvellous and the hours seemed to fly by as we wandered and wondered at this masterpiece of Victorian engineering.  You MUST visit, my vocabulary cannot begin to describe how brilliant this is.

After this, we walked along the southern edge of the harbour and towards Prince street bridge, passing a steam locomotive giving trips on open topped carriages.

Crossing the harbour brought us to the Old city, and after having a good wander around we decided to eat at one of the many small bistro type establishments situated in a covered area of the old market. We decided on a Moroccan place, and the food was enjoyed semi al fresco and really good it was to.

We then walked back to the harbour and caught one of the many frequent ferry's that criss cross the harbour, which took us to the Hotwells area and the entrance to Cumberland basin. This is basically the sea entrance to the harbour.

Skirting this, we then walked around into the Avon gorge for a view of the Clifton suspension bridge, another Brunel wonder.  A zig zag path left the road and climbed up and up and up to Clifton. We were knackered by the time we reached the top, but boy was it worth it for the views and to see the bridge at close quarters.

From below

Nearly at the top

Looking one way towards Bristol

and the other way down the Avon estuary
As if this was not enough exertion, we then climber up again to the observatory, more stunning views.

Then began the descent through the rather up market area of Clifton, with its many bijou shops and eateries.  The old knee was well cream crackered by this time as going down hurts me far more than climbing up.  Still, a very pleasant walk down and back to the boat.

Only one fly in the ointment when some idiot unplugged our landline mid evening. No damage or harm done.

So Bristol, good on you.  Brilliant place that when the time comes tomorrow, we will be sad to leave.

Whilst wandering around Bristol we came upon many Gromit sculptures, there are 80 that will be auctioned in October for the Bristol Children's Hospital charity.  This was Ali's favourite of the ones we saw. (A giant strawberry).


  1. So glad you enjoyed Bristol, it really is the highlight of the K&A, glad you both decided to go there in the end. Enjoy your trip back on the K&A.

  2. Thank you both, we are so glad you urged us to go, it is a brilliant city and the trip in was so relaxing. Sorry to be leaving so soon.


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