Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Mr Angry is in Bath.

How frustrating life can be at times. It is often the simple things that go awry and cause one all sorts of problems.  Now I am the first to admit that I can at times have a shortish fuse. Well today it blew.

Late last week I placed an order online to be collected via Bath's main post office using the Poste Restante service.  This we have used before with great success. But oh no, not in Bath.  Yesterday, I called at the post office having confirmed online that the package had arrived in Bath. No knowledge but suggested that I call at the sorting office the other side of town to see if it was there.  This I duly did, but as I had not recorded the tracking number, they could not help. This was fair enough, so today I returned to the main post office, the destination of said package, and there was no sign, so directed once again to the sorting office. The post office is now no longer a single entity, and the counter service and royal mail do not seem to communicate as they are separate businesses.

By this time it was raining and my mood was taking a dive.

So I trekkked down, my dodgy knee now throbbing just to add to my sense of woe.  Guess what, no sign of the package.  After some remonstration, and as the package had been signed for and delivered, it turned out that Royal mail had delivered it to Bath Technical college!.  But it was now somewhere else in the system as the college had returned it to the postman this morning!

We left with assurances that it would be retained at the sorting office for collection in the morning.

To be fair to them, they obviously knew how frustrated I was, and this afternoon we received a call stating it had been located. More than that, they then brought it to the boat. Result.  So I suppose alls well that ends well, bloody frustrating though.

We have also had problems with the internet. The old dongle is on its last legs and so we bought a new one.  But this is not it appears compatible with the router.  After Ali spent an inordinate amount of time trying to sort this out, we have returned to three and purchased a mifi as an interim, so at least we are up and running again.

So rant over, the sun will shine tomorrow and all will be again good with the world.


  1. I understand your frustration. We had our National Trust cards sent from Australia to Leighton Buzzard, Post Restante. They didn't arrive before we had to move on so LB (very helpful) forwarded them to Edgware Rd (very unhelpful) in London. Two weeks later Edgware Rd still said they didn't have them so we've given up and ordered new ones. It can't possibly take two weeks for one envelope to get from LB to London!
    Never mind.

  2. Hiya. Yep, utter frustration is the feeling, that plus the inability to communicate with anyone unless you attend in person. I must admit, using a small village post office who have been spoken to by telephone prior to the delivery has always worked rather well.


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