Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A slow short cruise

We left Bath this morning and started to retrace our journey back to Reading.  Today our plan was a short cruise to Bradford on Avon.  The slow - was two fold, one due to the amount of moored boats, two, so I could get two loads of washing done before mooring up.

We did think about stopping at Avoncliff Aqueduct but decided to moor in Bradford and have a walk back to the Aqueduct along the river, which we did this afternoon, stopping at the Cross Guns for tea, also taking in the end of the Andy Murray match.

All of this after cleaning the roof and the one side of Triskaideka once moored, we will do the other side when the towpath is on the other side.

Somerset Coal canal entrance

Dundas Aqueduct

The River Avon from Dundas Aqueduct

The River Avon from Avoncliff Aqueduct

Avoncliff aqueduct from below (much more impressive)

The Cross Gun

Very shiny boat (well this side!)

8 miles and 2 swing bridges


  1. Unless that really is the rear end of the canal, I think you have a typo on the first photo ;-)

  2. Hi, a non boater here, I enjoy reading boating blogs, but I think your proof reading did not work for the title on your first photo! You may wish to edit it!

  3. Dear Sir/Madam
    What a disgusting description under the first picture!
    Angry of Mayfair.

  4. Methinks a freudian slip! Now corrected. Just checking someone was reading the blog....

  5. Dear Mr Angry of Mayfair - I thought it might get some google hits so we could overtake you in the waterways ranking. Ali x (Or it could have been the wine)


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