Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Slapton to Stoke Hammond, eventually.

As we peered out of the port hole this morning, it was raining, again! Now I have to admit, I was feeling, shall we say tender.

Yesterday evening we walked in the sunshine to the village of Slapton. The route to the village along the road is a bit of a hike, with no footpath and some tight bends, but it was worth it. The Carpenters arms is a small thatched building and upon entering, not that impressive. The restaurant room was closed and the bar area was somewhat spartan, but the menu looked good as did the specials board. Well first impressions and all that! The meal was truly splendid, as was the beer and wine. All at a very reasonable cost. In fact the beer and wine was so good, we perhaps over indulged a little, hence the tender head this morning....

So, with the rain clouds looming, we stayed put until late morning and then off to the first lock of the day. After this we were into Leighton Buzzard. We were in dire need of the services and Nicholson's showed them as just after bridge 114. Well they are not, they are right before it going north, on a tight bend with a limited landing. Sods law says there would be a boat on them, well there was, a wide beam! With no room to moor we ended up sort of tied to the bridge which once must have accessed an arm of the canal, waiting our turn. There was another boat before us waiting the other side of the bridge. After an hour or so the wide beam finished watering. The water pressure was abysmal and I think he left before completely filling due to embarrassment. Anyway, job done and we moved off and quickly through the conurbation.

After one more lock we chugged to Soulbury three locks with the very convenient pub side of the middle lock. These quickly negotiated assisted by a CRT staff member and a short hop to our mooring for the night at Stoke Hammond. The wind really got up late afternoon and rain clouds are again gathering, but the forecast for tomorrow is hot.

Grove Lock

We have seen a lot of moorhen chicks today, 
after mooring I could hear them and then I spied these three opposite the side hatch.

Miles 9
Locks 5


  1. We went to that pub on our way south, it had the same effect on us!

  2. To be honest, the interior did not inspire one that gourmet meals were their forte. But I was wrong. Brill place.

  3. You're right, the foods great! We had Sunday lunch there a couple of years ago and it was one of the best we've had. The yorkies & puddings were de-lish!


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