Sunday, 21 July 2013

Wey down.....from Godalming!

After yesterdays endeavours, we decided that we deserved a bit of a rest. So after a lazy start, well 0645 in my case, we decided to have a look at the town.

The day had dawned a little cloudy, but still warm.  We walked into Godalming and explored.  And a very pleasant little place it is. Whilst walking up the main street, we spied a Turkish barbers, which was open! Too good an opportunity to miss as my hair and beard was much in need of a trim. So whilst Ali did a little shopping, I entered.

I must admit that this was the very very best barbers that I have ever been in.  I had the full works, trim, shave with a cut throat, the candle treatment on old men's head apertures, hot towel's, hair wash and facial massage.....Think that I slept a while as it was so relaxing. By the time I left, Ali was sweltering in the sun.
We walked back to the boat and moved a couple of hundred yards to the services. Whilst I brimmed the water tank and excreted the waste into their respective homes, Ali nipped to Sainsburys and got a few essentials, you know, wine and bog roll and the like.

The un-navigable River Wey

Wheel deflectors, still working today judging by the various paint shades on them!

Bel & The Dragon, the same as the one we ate in when we stopped at Cookham , a great use of a lovely old congressional church from 1600
Once done we were off.  By this time it was late morning, nearly noon.  Two locks, much more benign coming down and we were at the first of the low bridges, Unstead.  This, as before we passed under with ease, Then it was the dreaded Broadford!

Ali took up position and after negotiating a sailing dingy, we slowly crept forward. Success, think the water level was slightly down from yesterday and we were in a slightly different position, so we glided under with a couple of inches to spare.

Not sure we would make it if the water levels were normal

Looking back from the bow

Approaching Guildford was interesting! The day boats, canoes, inflatables and swimmers & dogs swimming were all out in abundance intent on suicide. We wove our way through the throngs and as with yesterday, descended Millmead lock with a substantial audience. It was a relief to head out. We had a stop at Dapdune wharf to take in a little of the history of the navigation and then recommenced down the Wey.

As we progressed, the kayaks dwindled in number and by Bowers lock we were once again out in the sticks,  Leaving this and executing a smart right turn, we reached a section were Damsel flys were in amazing abundance, dancing over the water, landing on the boat. It was some sight to behold on a perfect, hot, English summers day.

A few locks later we were approaching the village of Send.. Just out of the village near the footpath leading to it, we spotted what looked like the perfect mooring. It was..

Our mooring this evening

Lovely logs, seasoned as well, don't think they would still be there if it was in the midlands!
Once secured we walked into the village and then down the main street to Cartbridge and guess what?  We, by pure chance found a pub, the New Inn! So a very nice meal and a few drinks were enjoyed in the beer garden overlooking the river, before we walked back and thence to the boat.

What about this for a pudding (and no we didn't have one)

I really hope that Pyrford Marina has fuel tomorrow.... We last topped up at Hilperton on the K&A just after leaving Bath. Running on fumes methinks, although the reserve is still intact.

Miles 10
Locks 8

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