Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Down and "A Wey".


We left our mooring near Send with some reluctance, it was just so beautiful and peaceful. We knew that we were in for a hot hot day, but not perhaps just how hot and sticky it was to become.

After negotiating Worsfold flood gates and passing the New Inn with it's beautifully kept beer garden, we watered up at Cartbridge wharf and were on our wey.  The puns about this rivers name can become excruciating!  The river was looking its best, but the temperature was rising by the minute. It is a truly beautiful navigation, not to be missed, we will return!

So NT!  Posh lock gate names

Soon Pyrford hove into view, our salvation on the fuel point we hoped. Sharing the lock with a local, he stated that he thought the marina was closed on a Monday....O.K, looks like we may be mooring up for the day, but no, sign's stated Tuesday closed so we were in. I reversed into the marina and onto the services, conveniently situated just in the entrance. Not a soul in sight, so Ali went scouting. Now considering this marina would cost us £4500 pa to moor, it was with some trepidation that we called in for fuel. My fears were however groundless, good price, self declaration and Ali even got our bog chemical of choice cheaper than anywhere else we have visited.

The tank gulped 100 litres, which we did not think was bad considering we last filled at Hilperton. Feeling a lot happier now we have a full tank to tackle the Thames.

By the time we moved on, the temperature had soared to the low 30's. Boy it was hot, but also very humid. The locks on the Wey are gentle going down, but the practise of leaving the bottom gates open was not to our advantage on this occasion and Ali had to close all the bottom gates before filling the lock. We both baked and wilted somewhat!

Then it was the long run into Weybridge, passing under the M25, which follows the canal with it's roar of modernity for a little while. When this is past, the outskirts have some stunning properties backing onto the river. And so to Thames lock, were our journey was assisted down by one of the National Trust staff, to whom we returned our borrowed windlass.


A number of the locks have these pillars with plants or oak trees in

John quite fancies this house

We moored for the night in virtually the same place we started our Wey adventure and it would have been plain rude not to re visit The Minnows, where we once again enjoyed a splendid meal and a "few" drinks, purely for medicinal purposes you understand. Much re hydration being required!

Miles 9
Locks 8

It was a hot, uncomfortable night. Ali was tossing and turning and we had the bow doors and hatches open all night. I slept peacefully, even replying to various prods telling me to cease snoring, " I am fine thank you". Being polite in my sleep or even whilst awake is not my forte, so the booze must have well chilled me.

We had a later start this morning as we intended to stop at Hampton court Palace which was only a few miles away. It was still hot and humid and as we chugged we could hear the throaty rumble of thunder before the dark clouds gathered. Upon reaching Molesey lock, we stopped to obtain water and empty. Just as we did so, large plops hit the water and the rain began. It was so heavy that even the Canada geese took shelter. Bless you pram hood, for you sheltered me in our hour of need.  We managed to water up and empty without getting too damp and we were off down the lock.

We managed to moor up on the moorings right outside the palace, with a tad of difficulty it must be said, but we were in.  After lunch on the boat, we then spent the afternoon walking around the palace and Gardens. A truly wonderful place this is. We even had a short trip around in a contraption pulled by two shire horses, the true tourists we are. This really is a stop worth making,

So as the sun sets, we have eaten well and are now chilling before our next leg......Hope the bloomin parakeets can chill out for the night, they are noisy. But if they are all I have to moan about, life must be good!

Some nice house boats
this one is the Astoria (thanks to the anon comment for the information)

Sheltering in the rain!

Hampton Court

Stunning Borders

& gardens

I walked all the way around to get a picture of Triskaideka and Hampton Court and by the time I had walked over the bridge and up the road to get to the other side a boat had breasted up to the one behind so you can't see us!

Miles 6
Locks 2


  1. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog of help.

    I really don't know if I am coming or going at the moment meaning north, south, east or west!

    It is so lovely to know that all you boaters out there are looking to help others.

    I am keeping a track of your progress (so pleased you enjoyed the Wey btw) so we can look at a solution together if needed.

    You will enjoy breasted up, believe me :-)

  2. Nice to read your 24 hour reports, really good reading and glad that life is treating you both well. The house boat pictured above your comment, 'some nice house boats' is called Astoria. It is owned by Pink Floyd's, David Gilmour. It is where some of the bands iconic albums have been recorded and contributed too. Also 'On an island', his album was recorded.

    1. Thank's for that info. All adds to the pleasure, coz I did not know that. This boating lark is just the job Anon, should have done it years ago.


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