Friday, 30 March 2012

What a difference a day makes

Yesterday sunny and warm, today misty and not very warm.  We left our moorings this morning, cruised past North Kibworth Wharf and on towards Foxton, occasionally we thought the sun was going to come out but it didn't until after we had moored up.  We had a lovely cruise despite the mist, there are lots of lambs in the fields and they are really amusing to watch 'gamboling' around, along with some new calves.  We passed a few canaltime boats heading towards Yelvertoft, but not much else on the move.  For the first time we made have made use of the heat exchanger, enabling us to heat the boat utilising the heat from the engine.  This worked really well and whilst the mist persisted and the temperature was low we kept the boat interior nice and warm.

We have moored up at the top of the locks, just managing to get in, we have resisted the fudge boat, which is moored two infront.  This afternoon we went for a walk to Foxton village to visit the  Foxton Village Store in the old Skittle Alley of the Black Horse Pub, the shop is great for fresh fruit and veg, but we were a bit disappointed in the choice of bread, but it may have been as it was a bit late in the day so the choice had gone.  The Black Horse has reopened again.

We took the cassette for a walk to the services later and it seemed rude not to visit Bridge 61 for a pint on the way back, leaving the empty cassette outside in the garden!

View from our mooring this morning

Exiting Husbands Bosworth Tunnel

It must be a better view from up there

The branches on this tree amaze us, that they are still attached,
 they are dead and have been for a while

& these defy gravity, they grow at near horizontal

The mist hides the lovely view

7 miles no locks

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