Wednesday, 7 March 2012

A new look

As you may have noticed I have changed the look of our blog for our new cruising year.  Any comments would be welcome.

We will be starting to de-winterise Triskaideka in the next couple of weeks ready for her date at Debdale Wharf for blacking at the beginning of April.  Hopefully we will get out on the cut for a few days before that as well.


  1. I Like the new look. Crisp and clean, easy to read - great.

    One thing would help how it looks on my screen, others might see it differently. The side bar headed, "About Us" would look better if it could move a little to the right. It intrudes a little under the headline picture and does unbalance the screen a little. A minor quibble - but if you are looking for perfection.....

  2. Thanks Graham, I have been trying to stretch the photo across the page, but I can't get it to work, if not, I agree its a bit of an odd size so I will cut it back a bit.


  3. Hi Ali & John,
    Like the new look :)
    One request though... the blog text is a little on the small size for my old eyes... any chance of having it the same size as it is in your 'About Us' section?
    Apart from that all is good, have a good year!


Thank you for your comments