Friday, 23 March 2012

A lovely day, we couldn't resist a short cruise

We came down to Yelvertoft yesterday, arriving just after lunch.  It was warm and sunny so we set about washing Triskaideka down, she wasn't too bad, soot on the roof and dusty.  We were able to do both sides as the boat moored at the side of us had gone out so we just pushed her across to the next pontoon, washed the other side and pushed her back.  We finished quicker than we thought and as it was still quiet nice decided to start polishing her as well.  We did one side and then this morning did the other along with polishing the mushrooms and portholes.  We had finished at lunchtime so we decided to go up the cut, it was too nice not to enjoy it.  We went to the next winding hole, there were a few boats moored along the way most with the occupants sat on the towpath enjoying the sunshine, coming back we passed more boats on the move, we think these are boats from Yelvertoft and Crick Marinas off out for the weekend.

Tomorrow we are off to Braunston to pick up the other chair we have ordered from Wilsons and no doubt will have a wander around the chandlers as well.  The forecast is lovely for the weekend, lets hope it lasts a bit as we are on the move later in the week heading for out blacking appointment at Debdale Wharf.

Shiny Boat!

Sunny but still a little hazy 

 The blossom is starting to come out

6.5 miles no locks

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