Monday, 19 March 2012

Nearly there

Well almost ready to go ! The boat is now de-winterised and fingers crossed seems to have survived the winter remarkably well. Water filter, shower and pumps all back in place and the fresh water system flushed through and filled. No leaks as yet! For some reason, one radiator valve has an intermittent weep, but appeared to have sorted itself when we left on Sunday.

The dehumidifier has been a godsend. It has largely dried out the boat, which in all honesty was not too bad, apart from the bedroom. This was surprising in one way, as we had placed the mattress upright in the saloon. But we think that as this is the only part of the boat without mushroom vents, this was the cause of some of the drawers swelling. Now we have introduced some heat and ventilation, this appears to be on the mend.

Whilst the 12v Shoreline fridge has been brill, the freezer has proven more problematical. Last season, it did not seem to get down to temperature, or maintain it ! This is located under the L shaped dinette. My feeling was that there was not enough ventilation and so I have introduced more vents to improve the flow. Will see if that works. We did have it on for 48 hours when we were down, but filled only with a large bag of shredded paper. It managed to get down to -10, so when filled with frozen items, we will see how it performs. A knock on effect of it's location, is that the dinette is somewhat higher than would be ideal and therefore not that comfortable to sit on for extended periods.

We do have a Wilsons "Captains chair". This is ultra comfy, but having only one is problematic, well it is for Ali as I hog it! So we have decided to get another. I rang Wilsons today and placed an order, minus the stool which we feel is surplus to requirements. Happily they have one in stock of the colour we want and even better, as they will be at Braunston this coming weekend, will bring it with them for us to collect! Job done.

We stayed with Paul and Jane (thank you again) and stayed a day longer than we initially intended in order to meet up with all the family. This in itself was brill and also availed us of the chance to meet up again on Sunday with Doug and James ( N.B. Chance, get it!) We popped over to Brinklow marina to see them, intending a flying visit! This is just not possible with these two, they are such good company and we were somewhat reluctant to leave, but leave we eventually did, with regret that we could not share a meal and an evening with them both. We will soon chaps if you let us.

So back down later this week for the great wash and brush up weather permitting, as well as the drinks and nibbles at the marina on Saturday night. Hopefully we will also get out for a test run in preparation for the start of our 2012 jaunt.

Sorry no pictures as yet, forgot the camera!

Sad News

Maureen Shaw who used to live in the cottage at Wardle Lock, Middlewich, sadly passed away yesterday.  Anyone who ever met Maureen would never forget her, she helped and advised many inexperienced and experienced boater through Wardle Lock, she was a real character and will be sadly missed.  We had the pleasure of meeting Maureen on a few occasions and the lock will never be the same without her.
Rest in Peace Maureen.

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