Saturday, 31 March 2012

Foxton Locks

There are restrictions on Foxton Locks 10am until 4pm, at 9:30 this morning 2 boats came past us, closely followed by another.  We didn’t know if there were any others queuing to go down, so we went to have a look and to also book in with the lock keeper as we were ready to move off.  There were just the three boats in front, but there were also four boats coming up so we had a wait of about 1.5 hours before we set off down the locks, so lots of chatting whilst waiting.  A hire boat came behind us, with a lovely Australian couple on, who are on their way back to Market Harborough after two weeks hire, what a lovely two weeks they have had, they have done various canals before and are off to Germany in a few weeks to go touring in a motor home. 

We had an uneventful decent, the locks are in good working order so are not difficult to work, one of the lock keepers did give us a hand for a couple of locks as well, with lots of gongoozlers.  At the bottom we waited for a boat to move off so we could have the mooring by the bridge that we have moored on before as its one we like, close to the pub!  Whilst mooring up we realised that Pip and Rog were just up the cut, they have come out of Debdale Wharf, so we had a quick catch up, then another natter over a beer in bridge 61 and we are going out for tea to the Foxton Locks pub in a bit with them.  

We received what are becoming normal compliments about the boat and more than a few enquiring about the builder including one who seemed very interested.  It’s a good job we cleaned it before setting off and a good job I cleaned up inside as a few have had their noses stuck on the port holes this afternoon! Serves us right for mooring so close to the bottom of the locks!

Nearly there

10 locks

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