Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Final preperations.

Well tomorrow (thursday) will see us once again travelling the now much upgraded A46. This road is now uber familiar as it is the route we choose to get to Yelvertoft, and during the build to Beacon Boats. In that time it has gone from single to dual carriageway, although it is not quite completed. It has made the journey so much easier, but still a bore!

It is now the time to de-winterize and so that will be our main occupation over the next few days along with a few other jobs. We are hoping to be back down again by the 24th, when weather permitting, we will wash and polish Trisky( before the hosepipe ban!). We may even get out for a run, one never knows.

Then by the end of the month we are off to Debdale for re-blacking. Watch the weather change then!

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