Thursday, 29 March 2012

Out on the cut 2012!

We loaded up the car this morning, we did seem to have quite a lot of stuff and more clothes, to the point that I did wonder where everything was going to go !.  We had a good journey down to Yelvertoft, making a quick detour to Fosse Park to pick up some food for the next few days.  There was a huge queue for fuel at Asda, fortunately we didn't need to fill up.

We unloaded the car  and there was no need to panic, everything has gone in, I think because we had space last year we have brought more, but it all fits and at the moment we don't think we have forgotten anything, but if we have, we can bring it as we will be back home for a few days next week.

It was a lovely afternoon so after loading up, we said our goodbyes to the staff and some of the moorers at the marina.  We have enjoyed being in Yelvertoft Marina, its friendly, clean and in a lovely setting, we have met many new friends and it was topped off last weekend with a really good evening on Saturday with a Quiz night and drinki poos, a local micro brewary beer for John and wine for Ali.  The marina have a few do's throughout the year which are really well attended, a good night with the chance to meet lots of new people.

We set off towards Debdale, cruising along in lovely sunshine, meeting the occasional boat on the move and have moored near the Welford arm.  

So finally we are on the off, the initial destination is an appointment to be blacked on Monday, but before that a weekend around Foxton.  NB Windsong is making their way from Debdale so at some point we will hopefully meet up.

Leaving Yelvertoft Marina

Cruising along the Leicester line, 
lovely blue skies and the trees starting to green up

8 miles no locks

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