Monday, 12 March 2012

Thoughts of summer and beyond

Not too long until we are once again mobile. It has been a long winter, even though we only left the boat in mid November. What has become apparent is that lovely as the marina at Yelvertoft is, it is too far to travel from home in north linc's as often as we would like.

The original plan when I retired last year, was to sell the house and relocate to somewhere in the south midlands. The ongoing recession and the parlous state of the housing market has all but thwarted this. We are going to take the house off the market until the autumn, which means that we will be once again spending the winter in North Linc's. The knock on effect of this is that we really need to find a marina that is within easy striking distance of our home.

In the last few days, to this end we have visited Newark and taken a look at Kings marina. This is on the Trent, is small but appears ok and looks secure. But...Looking around the area, it needs to be! We have today also visited Lemonroyd marina on the Aire and Calder. This again is small, but has a better feeling re its location. Both of these are an hours drive from home. The only disadvantage is their geographical locations, in that they are not in the heart of the system and do not therefore give as much choice in regard to occasional cruising routes.

We would be sorry to leave Yelvertoft, but needs must I am afraid.

Our plan this year is to cruise the western and pennine waterways. Let us hope that water levels can be maintained!

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