Friday, 9 August 2013

Warwickshire, a bit of a breeze.

Well the weatherman certainly got it right overnight. The day dawned damp, with showers until 0830. We pulled the pins at nine then made our way towards Hawkesbury junction. A number of boats past us on the mooring, but upon arrival we waited only a few minutes and it was our turn.

Sutton stop is a lock with a very small drop situated at the junction of the North Oxford and the Coventry canals. It's purpose was to guard each companies water supply. It is a pretty location, with a fine pub, The Greyhound sitting sentry opposite the cast iron bridge. There are also services here which we made use of.

Completing the turn, we headed due north. It really does feel different. The canal along this section has many a reminder of past industry, and approaching Nuneaton, a wealth of allotments. We really are in the midlands now.

We last passed this way in early 2012, just as the weather deteriorated. So much so that just north of the town, we had called into Springwood haven marina to "dry out". The weather was much kinder this year, today has been one of broken cloud and sunny spells, but with a wind that became a little keener as the day wore on. As we passed the marina, we reminisced on just how good and comprehensive the handovers were. Nice looking boats as well.

As the afternoon progressed, Ali and I had a debate as to where to aim for. Atherstone is ok, but the towpath does seem to attract some odd bod's and today was no exception! I know not why this is, but it is the same every time we have passed through. Arriving at the top of the locks, there was one boat ahead of us, but others coming up the flight. We decided to press on and were soon in the flow, aided by a couple of CRT volunteers upon occasion. Single locks really are a doddle after the doubles.

By the time we had descended nine locks we were back in the countryside and found a good mooring near to Whitley bridge, so the last two locks we will tackle tomorrow.

You don't see many of these now!

Miles 15
Locks 10

P.S. The spiders web from last night "dissapeared". We know not to where. Another of Natures mysteries....

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