Monday, 19 August 2013

On to the Llangollen.

It was a bit of an odd day really. The weather forecast was for fair weather and when we awoke the sky was blue, but this alas, did not last. It did not rain, but it had clouded over and the breeze had a distinct chill.

Our initial intention was to cruise down the four remaining locks and moor in Nantwich. So after an initial shunt to fill up and empty at Audlem, we dropped down the last two locks of the flight and were off. The canal here is quite open, with long straights. Although it was not windy, even the stiff breeze affected boat handling, especially when passing moored boats. There was little moving and between Audlem and Hack Green locks, ner a moving boat was seen. There were a few boats moored at Coole pilate, but plenty of free space.

Space at Coole Pilate
We dropped down the locks and chugged into Nantwich passing over the aqueduct. Initially it was not looking good, but we spied a space nearly opposite the Nantwich canal centre wharf and moored up. Ali had en route put one load through our washer, but the existence of a good laundry at the canal centre was too good an opportunity to miss. So everything that could be washed and dried was, or so it seemed! I also took the opportunity to replace a spent gas bottle. As it was only eleven when we arrived and Ali had booked into the hairdressers at three, after a snack we walked into the town.

Aqueduct in Nantwich

Nantwich Wooden Horse

It may known that we are rather partial to M&S food, and since March Nantwich has been blessed, with a "Simply Food". So there we headed, armed with our mega bag on wheels. This folds up flat and is a brilliant bit of kit. After purchasing our goodies, Ali went off for her hair appointment, whilst I walked back to the boat and put the shopping away.

When Ali got back we decided to move on. By this time it was five and we thought it would be a good time to tackle Hurleston and ascend the four locks onto the Llangollen canal. This can at times be a bottleneck. We were right, not a boat in sight and when the Lockie spotted us, he prepared the top two locks for us before going off duty. So we were soon up and deciding just were to moor. Space was not a problem, the moorings were very quiet. We moored up for the night on the extensive shroppie canal society site between bridges 4&5, with only one other boat. It is quite novel to be able to use mooring rings and not have to fight for the privilege, well turn up mega early at the very least. We were spoilt for choice and even managed a spot able to get a satellite signal.  Hope the Llangollen remains this quiet, but I somehow doubt it. Time will tell....

Looking up the Hurleston flight

Looking back down the Hurleston flight

Our moorings tonight
All in all quite a productive day. We even have full internet and telephony, so result.

Miles 9.5
Locks 8

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