Thursday, 22 August 2013

Tickover to Ellesmere

We left our lovely mooring this morning a little too late, the plan was a short hop into Ellesmere a bit of shopping and continue towards Llangollen.  The short hop took us until lunchtime, as we were behind two very slow boats, the second of which tried to go through Ellesmere tunnel more or less on tick over against the flow, I was surprised he didn't come back out!  Oh well what a lovely place to go slow... passed the Mere's.

We eventually made it and moored in the arm after a kind chap shuffled up to allow us in.  We had a wander around getting a few things we needed, then reversed out of the arm and onwards.  Its has been fairly quiet (for the Llangollen) up to now, but today we have seen a number of boats going back to the hire bases.   We passed the entrance to the Montgomery, the lock keeper was still in attendance and with still one boat to go down.  We arrived at New Marton locks with just one boat waiting with one coming down so we were soon swiftly through, at the second lock there were a number of boats waiting to come down, but no-one from them on the locks, they are just all patiently queuing, awaiting their turn, it may come to them one day, if they came and helped it may, just may, speed things up a bit, but no matter we aren't in a hurry.  As we came up the second lock, although it was sunny and hot, there was one black cloud, which decided to deposit large plops of rain, not for long but it did look like it was just the beginning, the huge clap of thunder a few minutes later was the decision maker, we moored up on the Shropshire Union moorings on St Martins Moor for the night.

11 miles & 2 locks, Ellesmere tunnel (87 yards)

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