Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Daddy Longlegs invasion

We didn't rush this morning, even so, only one boat had passed us as we started getting ready to set off.  Just as we were about to go another boat appeared but they moored in front of us as they were stopping for breakfast.  We caught up the first boat as we got to Swanley lock, he was on his own, but very efficient on the locks, at the next lock we got chatting to a lovely couple on a hire boat we were nattering for a while as they were asking which canals they should do, etc.  Along the next few locks there were boats coming down which made life easy.  A CRT chap was clearing a great clump of weed from Baddiley No 1 lock, it was a massive clump and he was struggling to break it up and drag it out of the cut, he was concerned of it getting into the paddle chamber.  He eventually cleared it and we were able to use the lock.

Buzzards flying around
We continued along to Wrenbury and as the visitor moorings were empty we moored up for lunch, we then stopped a few cars at the lift bridge and cruised along to Marbury.

Returning the bridge back to road use

This cottage is still for sale

with its own mooring
 We have visited the Swan at Marbury on a number of occasions as we discovered years ago that the food was really nice, well it looks like it has been hit like so many other pubs, and apparently closed last year and was re-opened in October, unfortunately it is not as it was.  The food was ok but nothing special and its not somewhere we would rush back to, although the view from the church of the mere is still worth the walk to this lovely village.  It was another very pleasant day, sunny with some cloud, let it continue!

Marbury Church

and Mere

Our mooring
They are harvesting near where we are moored and I don't know if its anything to do with that but we have been invaded by daddy longlegs, prior to this we have hardly seen any this year, as I speak there is a huge one flying around the lights!

I have been playing with the camera again ...

7.5 miles, 6 locks & 2 lift bridges

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