Thursday, 8 August 2013

Now where were we?

We have been a little remiss in regard to the blog of late, so time for a bit of a catch up.

On Sunday we were collected by Jane and Paul and taken to Helen and Marks for a BBQ and shed erection afternoon. The weather was a tad mardy, but mainly dry and we managed to get one shed up, the larger of the two, before evening. After the BBQ, we were then transported back to the boat. Thank you all for a brill day, hope the shed stays up!

Monday was forecast as wet. We decided to move none the less, so donned our wet gear and set off. Our destination for the day was Norton junction, as we had arranged to meet Sam there the next day for a service. The rain petered out and by the time we reached the locks, it was almost sunny, almost!

The first lock is adjacent to Whilton marina and the lock keeper asked us to wait for another boat in order to save water. Of course we had no objection and after a short while another boat hove into view. The couple had only purchased the boat in May, and were a little inexperienced and rather slow, but we all have to learn and we made progress up the locks, steadily, but very slowly. This prompted one "lady" to voice her concern that the chap needed to speed up, as she waited to descend the lock after we had ascended and exited. Ali explained the chap was inexperienced and we were not in a race!

Upon ascending the last lock next to the New Inn, now open once again, we moored up. The heavens then opened, but it would have been rude not to support this pub, so we did! The meal was ok, but nothing special, but the beer was good,

Miles 5.5
Locks 7

Tuesday saw us waiting for the engine service. As Sam arrived at lunch time, we decided to sit tight the rest of the day and chill.

Wednesday we completed the circle, back once again to Braunston (we have travelled approximately 520 miles and 440 locks since 23rd May). The hop from our moorings at Norton soon saw us entering the Tunnel, which can be a bit of a bar steward due to the kink in it's lengh. We passed only one boat and were soon at the top of the locks. We waited a short while and were joined by a boat with an elderly couple on board. He owned the boat and we took it she was his "guest". She was recovering from a broken ankle and this was the first trip that she had steered the boat. She was very nervous, but really had no need to be as she negotiated entry and exit perfectly at all the locks. By lunch time we were moored up at the side of the marina, and spent the afternoon wandering around like you do. Being in Braunston, once again it would be plain rude not to support a hostelry, so we visited the Admiral Nelson and had a splendid meal. Highly recommended.
Exiting Braunston tunnel

Braunston tunnel

The Crooked House that doesn't look quite so crooked these days

Miles 4.5
Locks 6
Tunnel 2042 yds (Braunston)

Thursday (today). The day dawned sunny, with a light mist over the water.

 We were off just after eight, after using the services and negotiating the many moored boats in Braunston. It was a glorious summer day. We rather chugged for the first four or five miles as there were two boats ahead of us going rather slowly. Barby "moorings" as it is now called is far from completion!

Looking back at Brauston Church

All Oaks Wood

The three locks at Hillmorton were soon reached. It seemed strange to be once again on single locks as we have been on their big brothers since leaving the Oxford for the Thames. They were a doddle, and very quiet with no boats waiting, so we breezed down them. We stopped at Rugby for a bit of shopping, then enjoyed the lock free miles. By 5pm we were moored in the village of Ansty, the first time we have ever managed to find a spot free. So tomorrow Hawksbury junction and off north.

Miles 18.5
Locks 3
Tunnel 250 yds (Newbold)

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  1. Enjoy "Up North" we are making are way to go through Leicester and my brother is coming on the boat again as he wants to do the Watford locks this weekend


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