Saturday, 3 August 2013

Another short hop.

After the rather mild excertions of yesterday, we decided to have a repeat performance. There are a couple of reasons for this. Sunday we are being collected by Jane and Paul and taken for a BBQ at their daughters. Bit of a family get together and also a shed erection event! Due to this we decided to go no further north and west.

The second reason was last night, again. We set out with good intentions to have a stroll to the pub, a meal and then home. Well the menu did not really excite us and the call of the Indian Restaurant opposite was just too strong, so there we went and had a very nice meal indeed. The service was outstanding and the food very reasonably priced.

Earlier in the afternoon we had explored Stoke Bruerne, walking up to the mouth of the Tunnel, visiting the Blacksmiths nearby. As we did this we spotted N.B. Comfortably Numb and the butty Echoes moored up, but with no sign of life. When walking home after our meal, we spotted Ruth and Richard on the opposite bank walking the dog. We chatted for a while and then they joined us on the boat for a drink or two. So nice to meet them again, having last seen them at Foxton in the spring.

So, it comes as no suprise that an early start was not on the cards this morning! Still, only the two remaining locks of the flight and these were soon ascended. We watered up and then on to "That Tunnel"!

Tunnel entrance and Blacksmiths complete with blacksmith

I knew that by making comment on the lack of boat movement it would come back to haunt me....And so it was that upon entering the portal, we could see the first of what became eight boats coming towards us. Bit of a non event really, no collisions, all very affable and we even passed Beacons latest launch, Willow Too! T'was but a fleeting moment amid shouts over the engines. Tunnels are not the best places to try to hold any sort of conversation!

Looking back

Boats coming towards us

This lovely dazzler/blinder was a day boat, we asked him to move the light over as not only would it stop him blinding people coming the other way, but he might be able to see better, he had a queue of 3 boats behind him

Once out we chugged merrily in the sunshine, but accompanied by strenghening winds. At Gayton junction we stopped mainly to make use of the elsan point. It was out of order! Still now free of the empties from last night and we do carry two spare toilet cassettes so no worries.

We decided not to stop at Bugbrooke, but carried on for a while and are now moored just past Stowe hill wharfe, nearly into Weedon. As with yesterday afternoon, Ali has had the paint pot out touching up the wear and tear. She did the port side yesterday, now the starboard is getting the treatment, so looking a preety boat once again. Just a good wash down needed now. For the boat, and for me!

Only gripe, people do not slow down passing moored boats and that is not a swipe at hirers, because the main culprits are privateers!

Miles 10
Locks 2
Tunnel 3057 yds


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