Sunday, 18 August 2013


We decided to have a "let's sit tight day" yesterday as the forecast was awful and when we awoke the wind was blowing a hooley. Well it turned out not too bad rain wise, but the wind was ferocious. This did give us the opportunity to catch up on a few jobs, but more so, watch the world go by.

One thing we have learned is how to ascend single locks. As we were moored just below the last lock of the flight, it  afforded a good view of just how this is done properly. It must be said that it was windy, with a fair flow down, but we are ever ready to learn.  One boat really showed just how it should be done. This was an ex working boat with a young couple plus baby aboard.

A boat had exited the lock and closed the bottom gates before N.B Ibex rounded the bend. They approached the lock, she jumped off at the steps on the offside and opened one gate, they then "bumped/rammed" the second gate open with a bang as it did so. This to me is a disregard of the  infrastructure. If every lock is tackled thus, it is no wonder gates are worn and failing!  Anyway, moan over.....

It really has not been busy in this local and whilst the majority of boats moving have been privateers, it is somewhat sad that hire boaters are a distinct minority. Is it the recession, weather?  Who knows, but it does detract somewhat as hirer's are always happy and helpful.

This morning we were off at nine, leaving what was a pleasant mooring. After half a mile or so we were at the top of the Audlem flight.The sun was shining and all was good . We were in no hurry and slowly descended, the boat ahead of us being rather steady. There were not many boats coming up, so Ali had to re fill the majority of the locks, but it was no problem. There was still a fair amount of water coming down which again made holding the boat in the pounds a bit of a challenge, but it was warm and sunny so very pleasant.

The grass is always greener .....

Once we were down to to the Shroppie fly, we stopped in order to water and empty. The pound below this we have never been able to moor in, but we did today! So after a quick drink, we walked into the village and ended up in the Lord Combermere for Sunday lunch and very nice it was too. The Shroppie Fly was open, but due for a major refurbishment and our last visit did not engender a swift return.

So a bit of a chill out day again today, although Ali would not think so. We have not seen any Kingfishers, but the raptors are once again in evidence, Buzzards today circling on the thermals. Tomorrow we are off  to Nantwich and from there onto the Llangollen.

Locks 13
Miles 2.5

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