Thursday, 13 June 2013

Farewell to the Thames, for now.

The new day dawned somewhat cloudy but dry (ish!). The moorings below the lock in Goring were fine and we were lucky to get them in all honesty.  We set off along the now much broader river at 9 am. It is so nice to feel a good depth of water under the boat and the engine hummed its way down stream with little effort.

The river remains surprisingly quiet.  I expected to see a lot more cruisers on the move but it was the sewer tubes that formed the majority of moving boats.  After topping up the water and doing the necessary at Mapledurham lock, we negotiated Caversham lock with ease. Short trip then to the moorings outside the Reading Tesco, where Angie and Ali topped up with vittles.

Then, right turn onto the Kennet and Avon.

I really do not know what I expected here. The first thing that struck was the flow. It was fierce and gawd knows what it is like with a bit of fresh in the river! Blakes lock was on self service, the last of the environment agency controlled. That was not too bad, apart from the chap moored on the lock landing! Ali crossed his boat in order to work the lock whilst Dave and Angie hovered in the current.

After this it was into the town centre.  This appears very modern and has obviously had not a little money spent on the riverside environment. The flow is fierce though, so no chance of creating visitor moorings.  We had intended to spend the night in the Abbey Loop, but due to a water/river festival this weekend this was closed off. So we pressed on, negotiating the traffic light controlled section and Fobney lock. This was not without incident for by this time the wind was howling and combined with the current made entering this lock, interesting!  The fun was added too when Dave nearly lost his Pram hood in the wind and some poor hire boaters were trying to exit the lock.  One way or another we got in and carried on.

The last lock of the day was Fobney lock.  Nicholsons indicated a strong flow from the weir stream, but this was not too bad and after this, we moored up next to what looks like a nature reserve. Very pleasant it is too, especially as there is armco to chain to.  We may both stop rocking tonight! It has turned out to be a lovely evening and what is Ali doing? Cleaning the boat of the tree sap we gathered a few days ago! She is now fighting the willow tree "fluff" which has stuck to the sap making the boat look like it has been tarred and feathered.... Now she wants me to turn the boat around to do the other side! If only we were still on the Thames.

Antipodean Swans welcoming us onto the Kennet & Avon

Through the Oracle in Reading

Boat cleaning in progress

Our view this evening
Red Kite

14 Miles.
6 Locks.

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  1. Pity the prison moorings were closed, thats the only place you can really moor in Reading.


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