Thursday, 27 June 2013

To Bath (and then beyond!)

Once again the blog has been delayed by dodgy internet!  We have purchased a new dongle in the hope that this will cure the problem, but rain has delayed putting this to use as yet. (It lives in a box on the roof).

Yesterday we set off at 9 ish and began the final hop to the fair City of Bath. I must admit, this section is very pretty, following the Avon valley with its wooded slopes. There remain many moored boats and to be honest running at tickover has gone out of the window because we would not make any headway!  I Still trundle at a slow pace, but a little more than usual.

We were soon approaching the Avoncliff aqueduct which crosses the river. This is not quite as impressive from the canal as the next, the Dundas. We stopped here for water and to empty you know what and Ali descended in order to take some photo's of this still impressive stone structure. It helped that the weather was fine I suppose, but this is a fabulous area.

Avoncliffe Aqueduct

Dundas Aqueduct

Dundas Aqueduct

from below
we loved this hire boat!
 Soon we were approaching Bath and keeping a keen eye out for visitor moorings. We managed to get the last one before the Cleveland House tunnel and Dave and Angie breasted up with us for the night. As it was early afternoon, we all decided to walk down the locks to the river, then into the city centre.  After a wander, Ali and I walked up the hill to the Circle and Royal crescent to take in the views of this magnificent place. The old knee behaved itself, as it seems to when the weather warms up. After another wander and a visit to the 3 shop we decided to visit the Roman baths.

I baulked at the cost initially, but I must say, it was money well spent. That which remains is impressive, and the Georgian architecture compliments this. That Roman engineers could design and build something like this two millenium ago is breathtaking. I would go back again.....

Cleveland House - the old Canal Company HQ

Pulteney Weir

The Circle

Royal Crescent

War Memorial

Queens Street

Roman Baths

Why don't we have signs like this now?

By this time it was early evening and we were both getting a little peckish. We had spotted a "Jamie's Italian" earlier in the day and as we both enjoy the food, decided that they could have our custom. Not so sure they will ever let us back in though! I had a clam based pasta dish, and one was more than a little off!! To be fair, they replaced the meal with an alternative and could not have been nicer, then gave us all for FREE.  I must admit I was a tad testy with the manager, but thoughts of food poisoning and a cassette toilet may have inspired my show of ire.

Later, Dave and Angie joined us on the boat for a few drinkies in order to wish Angie a happy birthday for today. Our ways will part for a while as they did not want to tackle the river to Bristol. Catch them up later next week.

So today, in fair summer weather, we said farewell and we set off down the six locks to the river. We had the good fortune to double up with Ian and Helen from N.B. Leo, who we then shared the locks and the rest of the day with. Double good fortune was in meeting Keith from N.B. Fruit of the Vine, another Beacon boat owner and a volunteer lock keeper in Bath to boot. So we made good time going down, including the " deep lock", which is well, deep!

A right turn onto the river took us below the much photographed Pulteney bridge and weir. Ali walked the bank in order to take some photos. Then a quick turn to head down river towards Bristol. This section remains beautiful, with stunning lock and weir combinations.  As 2pm approached, the clouds started to build and as the floating pontoon at Bitton bridge was free, there we moored for the day and shared a cuppa and natter with Ian and Helen (and a very lovely piece of Helen's lemon drizzle cake). Then, the heavens opened. But care we not, good mooring, lashings of hot water for a good shower and a lovely meal on board.

Bath Deep Lock - going down
and down
and deeper down

Thats what you call a cill!

from inside

Keith & Ali - thanks Keith for your help

Onto the River Avon

Turning in front of Pulteney Weir

First Lock

Lovely views

We have no mooring picture tonight as it started raining!

Wednesday 8 miles 2 swing bridges
Thursday 8 miles 10 locks


  1. Hope you get a better signal with the new dongle, we never had a problem anywhere on the K&A. Try and visit the Cross Guns by the Avoncliff Aqueduct, a lovely old pub and great food, Enjoy Bristol.

  2. Thank you for moving to allow us onto the pontoon !

  3. Hi Alf. You should have introduced yourself. No problem shuffling up, our pleasure.


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