Monday, 24 June 2013

Caen Hill Flight

29 locks in 2 1/4 miles – 5 hours, other than 4 locks, all against us, not a bad days work!  We passed two boats coming up, one a wide beam and one other narrowboat.  We stopped after the first 6 locks as the smell of bacon in the cafe was too tempting so we partook of a bacon butty whilst sat in the lock.

The flight is impressive, the views are lovely and the locks are in good working order, so its enjoyable.

We had help at one point of an American family and as payment Dave gave the children a ride on Lady Esther between the locks.

We have managed to get good moorings tonight at Sells Green and have even managed an afternoon of rest sat out in the sun (and cloud)!

Looking up

Looking down
The view from the lock

Doing the shuffle with the wide beam

Nearly down

3.5 miles 29 locks

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