Saturday, 8 June 2013


Yesterday the weather wasn't so good so we had a lazy day.  We have been spoilt with the weather over the last few days, but yesterday was cloudy, the wind was cold and we had a few showers.  We had decided to walk up to the junction of the Thames and Severn Canal and the River Thames, but we didn't go until the evening which was the better part of the day.  We were really disappointed with the junction and the round house!
The view through the port hole

The round house at the junction

Looking from St John's Lock towards Lechlade Church

Yellow Wagtail on the lock gate

This morning Lechlade promised a 'Italian Market' and it delivered, not huge, but all food!  We stocked up on cheese, bread and olives, then a quick trip to the butchers and veg shop and we were back to the boats for the off. The junction of the Thames and the Canal is the furthest point that it is recommended to travel on a narrowboat, but after the disappointment we couldn't see any point in travelling that last 1/2 a mile, so we had decided to turn around where we were, but as it was so windy this morning we had a bit of a rethink and decided to go down under the bridge and turn around there as it was sheltered.  Dave & Angie upped pins first and set off, and as they did and we pulled our pins the wind dropped for a moment so John spun us around quick where we were.

We had a short cruise along this very twisty section of the Thames, its been a windy day, not many boat moving, but sods law usually met on the bends.  We have stopped at the Trout Inn at Tadpole Bridge for the day.  On mooring, Angie noticed that part of the mooring was reserved so I went to enquire if we were ok to stay, not the most welcoming to be honest, if we ate in the pub the mooring is free if not, its £25 per boat per night, even though we are breasted up!  A tad on the expensive side even for the Thames, but we decided to eat as the menu looked good and to be honest the meal was lovely, not the cheapest but well worth the cost.    


Putting the world to rights??

Our mooring tonight
Anyone know what this is?

It comes in yellow & purple and I can't remember what it is?


The bridge looks like its had major repairs and now has bird boxes

No bird muck on Lady Esther (Angie cleaning it off)

Dave giving Angie a helping hand up the steep bank to the pub!
9 miles 5 locks


  1. Looks like comfrey to me.
    Kath (nb Herbie)

  2. Thanks Kath, it is, it was bugging me, I couldn't remember what it was!


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