Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Onto the River Thames

Yesterday we had a short and pleasant cruise from Thrupp into Oxford.  We decided to moor on the canal, BIG mistake, John was kept awake most of the night by shunting trains in the sidings, he finally gave up at 4:30 this morning and he got up, I never heard a thing, due to my earplugs!  Yesterday afternoon and this morning we had a meaner around Oxford, not as busy as it was on our last visit but still thriving and bustling.

Oxford Canal

Dukes Cut (link onto the Thames, but not for us today)
Lunchtime today, out came the anchor from the front locker, along with the life jackets from under the bed, and we headed for Isis Lock and out onto the Thames.  Along the meadow was slightly breezy which increased the longer we cruised until it can only be described as, very windy - that wasn't on the weather forecast, made some of the lock landings interesting.  I put my windless in the locker for a while as the locks on the Thames are usually manned, I say usually, the first lock, Godstow Lock, was on self service, a new one for me, electronic locks, but very clear and easy instructions and we were soon through, just as I walked back to re-open the sluices, the lock keeper appeared!  We have moored for the evening at Eynsham Lock. Don't think John will be much company this evening as he is already nodding (not surprising really!)

Onto the Thames
Followed by Lady Esther


Finally the May Blossom is out

Lots of geese

Greylag goose

Godstow Bridge

A successful brood

Think they are having fun!
Yesterday - 6.5 miles 5 locks & 3 Lift bridges, (one of which was a bugger to open!)
Today - 6 miles 3 locks


  1. Enjoy your time on the Thames its wonderful at the moment!

  2. Thanks, I hope so, although it was really windy this afternoon and hasn't abated at all yet!

    Looks like you are having a fab time in London!

    I really hope we manage a 'catch up' at some point!

    Ali x


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