Thursday, 22 September 2011

Two short Hops

We turned onto the Oxford Canal at Hawkesbury Junction yesterday after using one of the slowest water points we have ever come across.  John got around in one without any bow thruster help (well done you!).  We went through the stop lock and set off down the Oxford.  We planned to get to Hilmorton, however after a few miles we both thought that there was something wrong with the engine or something as it didn't sound right.  We stopped and checked the weed hatch and prop, nothing there, had a good look around the engine, looked ok, so continued.  We were ok in neutral, but as soon as any revs were on it didn't sound happy and there was a vibration from the prop shaft.  We decided to stop at Brinklow Marina and rang Beacon, after a chat with Neil he contacted Sam from Foxton Boat Services, who agreed to come out today.  It was interesting to say the least getting into Brinklow, its very open and it was very windy, coupled with they wanted us right at the top of the marina, the most exposed bit.  It took three people to hold Triskaideka so we could moor up as the wind was blowing against the side!  Well at least we caught up with the washing and cleaning, and it was nice to be hooked up to electricity for a while.

This morning I walked into Brinklow to the shop, whilst I was gone Sam arrived and after checking the engine, prop etc he couldn't find anything wrong.  After Sam had gone we continued along to Rugby, there is still a vibration from the prop and at certain revs the engine doesn't sound correct, however it is ok at other revs.  John has spoken to Neil from Beacon tonight and he has suggested looking at the stern gland whilst running.  We are happy to continue as we have had the engine checked over.  If we are still not happy once we get back then Neil and or Sam will come to us and go out with us so they can experience it.   We did a quick Tesco shop in Rugby and continued to Hilmorton.  Along the way a boat came around the corner and we both said 'that's got to be a Beacon Boat' due to the colour scheme, it was, it was Ethleron, who we met earlier in the summer on the Ashby canal.  A quick 'hello & are you ok' as we passed was all we could manage.  When we arrived at Hilmorton there was a queue for the locks, there are restrictions on this flight.  There are three locks but two chambers at each lock, once each of the chambers is closed off, due to water shortages.  There was four boats in front, however once through the first lock I was astounded to find a queue of five boats for the next lock, I assumed that as boats were going in each direction that once through the first lock that was it, but for some reason this was not the case.  It took us 2 1/2 hours to get through, consequently once through we found a nice mooring and stopped for the day.
Hawkesbury Junction

Oxford Canal

All Oaks Wood

Newbold Tunnel

inside Newbold Tunnel (coloured lights)

Bridge Art

Fungi at Hilmorton

 Waiting for the second lock

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