Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A Fabulous Day

We awoke to a misty but sunny morning, by the time we set off it was already getting warm.  We cruised to the bottom of the Watford flight expecting a long queue but there was only one other boat waiting and another couple came in behind us.  However there were three about to come down so we had quiet a wait, but in the lovely weather it wasn't a problem, we chatted to the other boaters and waited our turn, helping out as we all started to go up.  Once up the locks we cruised along towards Crick, even the noise of the M1 couldn't spoil the day, once through the tunnel we decided to stop for a late lunch at the Moorings, we couldn't resist when we saw people outside eating and having a drink in the sun.  We then decided to stay in Crick until tomorrow, eking out our return to the marina one more day!

 Misty Morning

Watford Locks
(the flowers always look great here, all done by the lock keepers) 

Exiting Crick Tunnel

5.5 miles 7 locks

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