Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Onto the Leicester Line - Marina Bound

We left Napton yesterday after a lovely evening with Jane and Paul, we cruised back to Braunston.  We were still having problems with the engine, so Neil from Beacon came out to meet us, we did two trips back towards Napton, the first one to demonstrate the vibration and the second after some adjustments to the exhaust system.  It did seem much better but we still have the rattle on the stern gland.  Neil is going to come back once we are back at Yelvertoft to see if he can get to the bottom of the problem. We were amazed that we managed to get back into the same moorings at Brauston on our second return.

We left Braunston this morning and shared the six locks with two lovely ladies, the owner of the boat is 79 and still cruising, her friend was spending a week with her to help with the locks, they haven't done bad they have been up and down the Hatton flight.  I was a bit apprehensive about the tunnel knowing we have a problem but we got through fine, passing three boats coming in the other direction.  We turned onto the Leicester line at Norton Junction with very mixed feelings as this is definitely nearly home, especially as the weather has been fantastic today.

We have moored for the day opposite Welton Hythe Marina.  We walked back to the services with the cassette as when we came past there was no-where to stop.  Once we had dealt with it we went to the pub and gongoozled at the top lock, leaving the trolley and cassette discreetly hidden in some bushes in the pub garden.

Napton Junction 

Exiting Braunston tunnel (2042 yards)

Monday 5.5 miles
Tuesday 5.5 miles 6 locks

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