Sunday, 25 September 2011

Braunston to Napton

We left Braunston yesterday, stopping at the services, after watching the rugby, good result but an expected win.  We only had a short cruise to Napton, stopping for diesel on the way.  We did catch up with a day boat from Braunston, who came to a stop everytime a boat came towards him or when he got to a bridge.  Taking into account that lots of narrowboats were coming towards Brauston, we assume out of the marinas for the weekend as there was a lot for it to just be traffic from Napton and off the Grand Union, it did make for a longer cruise than we anticipated, never mind we are not in a hurry and it did charge the batteries back up!

Once moored we went for a walk and a gongoozle although not many were at the locks, probably due to the restrictions further up at New Marston.  We have stayed here today and are meeting Jane and Paul later for dinner at the Boat Inn.

Leaving Braunston

6.5 Miles

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