Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Short hop to Hawkesbury Junction

Today brought the first real taste of autumn, whilst it was not cold, it was windy and very grey.  The leaves are falling (along with acorns, which bounce well off the roof), note to self, do not moor under a oak tree!  We haven't gone far today, just through Nuneaton and to Hawkesbury Junction.  Just after we moored the grey sky turned greyer and it started raining, and has continued for the rest of the day.  Shortly after we moored another boat pulled in behind, I went to help the lady pull it in as it was quiet windy, they have only had the boat for two weeks, its the latest Fernwood.  I didn't catch the name but will have a look tomorrow, they were launched at Willington Marina, it looks very new the paint is very shiny.

Between the showers we walked to the post box to post some cards and then called into the The Greyhound for tea, which was very nice.

There are lots of quarries on the approach to Nuneaton

7.5 miles

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