Friday, 23 September 2011

Out of the mouth of babes

We had a later start this morning, it was a lovely day, sunny, but with a definite nip in the air.  We think we have sussed the problem with the engine vibration, it seems to be the exhaust, we ascertained this by me laying with my head in the engine hole as we went along listening and looking for where it was coming from.  We had tightened a bracket up recently, which was causing a rattle, this has probably then caused the vibration, we stopped loosened the bracket back off, when we continued, the rattle is back and the vibration isn't as bad, so we are hoping this is the cause, once we are back at Yelvertoft, Beacon will come and have a look and hopefully sort it out.

We continued to Brauston, we wanted to stop, but its always busy so we were pleasantly surprised when we came across a gap just on the approach, we moored and fortunately have managed to get a TV signal as I want to watch  the rugby in the morning.  We have had a walk up to the top lock, we were fortunate to get a mooring as there were no other spaces all the way up.

We went for tea at the Boathouse, whilst in the loo, a woman came out of the loo, looked in the mirror and adjusted her hair and walked out, a little girl was with her mum and as the women went out of the door, said to her mum, very loudly 'mummy that lady didn't wash her hands", the woman must of heard her, the little girls mum acknowledged what the little girl has said, but she wouldn't let it rest going on about how you should always wash your hands when you have been to the loo, I though it was really funny 'out of the mouths of babes', I just hope the woman wasn't sat near the little girl as no doubt she would have gone back and told everyone at her table!

So an early start in the morning, but not necessarily setting off, just getting up as the match starts at 7am.

More bridge art (rugby through the years)
I always wonder why this is not closer to Rugby

Barby Marina - now with boats
 (but apparently very little services) 

6 miles

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