Saturday, 10 September 2011

A good few days

As arranged Jane and Paul arrived on Thursday, after we had moved back to Christleton.  We all went into Chester on Thursday afternoon, making good use of the park and ride. where we had a walk around the sights and shops, fortunately without getting wet.  On Thursday evening we ate in the Cheshire Cat pub and had a good meal.  On Friday we cruised to Beeston and moored just above the Iron Lock.  Paul had a go at the tiller and did a good job and Ali & Jane did the leisurely sitting on the bow deck watching the world go by and having a good natter.  John and Paul went back to fetch the car later in the afternoon.  We went to the Dysart Arms in Bunbury last night and had a lovely meal.

This morning we settled down to watch the rugby, it being the first England game.  We were moored between two locks and had noticed that the pound had gone down quiet a lot since we had got up.  Just after kick off we realised that the pound was emptying more and we were tilting quiet significantly, only one boat had gone past so that shouldn't have made a great difference.  We then lost the tv signal and the boat tilted further.  John & Ali went to check the locks to make sure someone hadn't left any paddles open.  They hadn't but there was no water coming down the by-wash.  We decided we should move whilst we still could, Ali emptied the lock but that wasn't enough to re float so had to run a bit more through as well so John could move up to the lock.  We moved to Tilstone Lock and stopped for bacon butties before saying goodbye to Jane and Paul.  It was lovely to see them both and spend some time with them over the last few days.

After our goodbyes we continued to Nantwich, it was an interesting cruise as it was extremely windy with some extreme gusts at times.  It has continued to be like that since mooring but at least we are being blown against the bank.


Paul in charge!

Saturday 8.5 miles 4 locks

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