Thursday, 7 July 2011

Triskaideka meets Ethlron

We left our moorings this morning again thinking that the weather wasn't going to be very good, although it was windy we only had a few showers all day.  After Hinckley the canal becomes very rural, passing open fields, beautiful wild flowers and lovely wooded sections, it really is worth a visit.  We stopped at Sutton Wharf for services and whilst filling up with water realised that Ethlron (Beacon Boats number 4) was moored just up the canal, once filled, emptied and rubbish dumped we moored with them for a chat, a show of both boats, Ethlron is five years old and demonstrates the build quality as she does not show her age at all.  After coffee (very nice) rain stopped chatter, and we decided to move on, continuing upto Snarestone.  We decided to visit a few of the villages on the return trip as the weather forecast is better for the weekend.  In one particular large gust of wind this morning, Ali lost her hat into the cut, fortunately we were near to a bridge, so Ali jumped off quick and rescued it, the hat has now had a shower (in clean water) and is drying nicely in the cratch!

Our moorings tonight 

14 miles today - no locks!


  1. aww lovely...haven't seen Ethelron for years...that was the second boat we took to Crick!

  2. Can we have a photo of the hat?


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