Wednesday, 6 July 2011

3 Canals - The Oxford, Coventry & Ashby

We left our moorings this morning, early again, it was starting to rain as we set off and it threw it down for a short while, we had another couple of showers through the day but it wasn't as bad as we expected.  We had a good cruise up the remainder of the Oxford, through Hawkesbury junction, in one move, without the bow thrusters being used and onto the Coventry for a couple of miles before turning onto the Ashby, that's an interesting turn!  We saw our first kingfisher today along the Coventry and even a cormorant fishing on the Ashby.  We are moored at Limekiln bridge tonight.

Iron bridges along the Oxford often showing the original route of the canal

Hawkesbury Junction 

Onto the Ashby Canal 

Burton Hastings Church

20 miles & 1 stop lock


  1. well done with Hawksbury's quite a bend!!

  2. Enjoy the Ashby, one of our favourites. Which way are you heading after the Ashby?

  3. Hi Karen, not sure yet, we need to be in Rugby on Saturday 16th so may go down to Coventry before that. The Ashby is lovely very rural.


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