Friday, 29 July 2011

Sunshine, what bloody sunshine!!

After yesterdays balmy weather, we were somewhat unprepared for the chilled winds and cloudy skies of today.  It was bloody cold!  We set off from Fenny Compton and meandered through the chilly countryside until we reached Napton Lock flight.  It has become a theme to say it is quiet on the canals.  We fully expected to meet streams of boats coming up the flight, but met very few.  Fortunately decending the locks is a lot easier than ascending them, we made good progress and arrived at Bridge 111 shortly after lunch.   Mooring was not an immediate problem, but we did a shuffle in order to accommodate later arrivals.

We were preparing to shower when Helen & Alan (Beacon Boats build 18) arrived, we had tried to contact them earlier, to say where we were but they had no phone signal and therefore had not received our message so they had come to look for us.  It was lovely to meet them, we felt very guilty at rushing them as we had booked at table for a meal at the Bridge, sorry guys as we said if you want to come back tomorrow we will be here until Sunday morning.

Had a lovely meal in the Bridge recommend it as a stop.  Been chatting to various boaters on the way back from the bridge.  We will set off again on Sunday and head for Stratford-upon-Avon, can't wait, loads and loads of locks - great - John has a bad knee (so I usually do the locks) but I have pulled the tendons in my wrist, however its still less painful for me to continue locking than steer the boat!  Anyone free for the Hatton flight??
We have passed this boat before it has Everards Brewery on it

Napton Lock Flight

10.5 miles 9 locks

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