Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Someone stole the water!

We had a later start this morning, we said our goodbyes to Pip & Rog and they set off for Oxford.  We didn't set off until later as we were not planning on going very far today, however we didn't get as far as planned.  There were a few more boats around but we didn't have to wait long at any of the locks, when we went through Grants Lock we noticed immediately that the water level was down quiet a lot, as we got further along we were having to stick in the channel any slight variance and we were grounded as we approached Foxes Lift Bridge we couldn't really work out what was going on, there were two boats around the lift bridge neither were going anywhere, they were both stuck, we think one had tried to help the other and both had grounded, we had to wait a while eventually with lots of pole work and ropes they managed to get moving, we got through but were touching the bottom as we went, we were fortunate that we didn't meet any boats coming down until nearly in Banbury.  The long term moorers on the approach into Banbury were all adjusting their ropes!  A Morrisons shop was out of the question as we wouldn't have got into the side to moor, so we crossed everything and managed to get in on the services, but when we used them the other day the boat was level with the pavement today we were stepping well down onto the boat.  By the time we got moored we decided the best plan was to do a bit of shopping (had to be M&S, although we did find a Tescos later) and stay in Banbury tonight.  We think we are next to a bakery, (an industrial bakery!)

Why do you never have a camera to hand when you need one?  This morning John was stood on the stern and a Kingfisher landed on the cratch cover, they watched each other for a few minutes, John tried to reach to get the camera, the Kingfisher (obviously camera shy) decided that was enough and flew off!

Pip, Rog & John


Windsong (Beacon Boat No 9)

Heading off


  1. 'John was stood'

  2. Well he was stood, standing! Ok not the most perfect English, put it down to the lifestyle - chilling out!


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