Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Coventry and back

We left Hawkesbury Junction on Monday morning and with trepidation set off down to Coventry, we had heard various reports about the state of the canal, all saying that the basin is fine, its just getting there.  The canal is not as bad as we expected, we took it slowly, got a bit of rubbish around the prop, but nothing that a quick reverse didn't remove, we have done worse.  Coventry itself is well worth a visit, we had a good wander around, visiting the motor museum, Art gallery and cathedral as well as Spon Street and seeing Lady Godiva's statue. The basin itself is isolated from the centre by a dual carriageway, but a bridge provides a link right into the centre. We have made the return journey back to Hawkesbury Junction today.

Sculptures along the canal

Cash's Hundred House (Old Weavers Cottages)

Around Coventry 

Spon Street

Coventry Canal Basin

James Brindley

Return trip 11 miles & 1 stop lock

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