Monday, 18 July 2011

Playing Catch Up

On Friday we returned to Hillmorton Locks so we could easily get into Rugby on Saturday.   John went and did his course and I caught the train to Birmingham and had a lovely day shopping with Jane my sister, as John's course overran we even managed to share a taxi back.  The weather forecast was awful for Sunday but we decided to move anyway, we pulled pins in spitting rain, we had to go down two locks to turn around to return to Braunston, by the second lock it had stopped, we had a couple of real downpours during the morning but it wasn't too bad.  We stopped for water at Braunston and then turned towards Napton.  We came across an obstruction about 2 miles south, BW are working on the bank and had two work boats tied along with a crane and all had come adrift, the boat in front of us got stuck trying to get around another coming in the opposite direction tried to push them back, and I tried to haul them into the bank with a bit of rope, I managed to pull them in enough for John to get through but by now there was a queue, I could have been there all day so I pulled them in as much as I could and jumped back on board.  I tried to phone BW but couldn't get through!  We continued down to Napton, mooring by the Bridge Inn, where we had dinner last night.  It was a lovely meal.  Today we hit the locks, there was lots of boats going our way but nothing coming the other, until about half way where we met the occasional boat,  again the weather wasn't looking great, but it has turned out much better than we thought, with just a few showers. We planned to moor in Fenny Compton tonight, but the moorings were all taken, so we have continued and are moored just above Clayton locks.

Leaving Braunston

Sunken Boat

Napton Windmill (which can be seen for miles along the Oxford Canal)

First lock

Fabulous countryside, 
but if it goes ahead the new rail link will rip straight through it

Yesterday 12.5 miles 4 locks
Today 12 miles 9 locks  


  1. We are at Stockton Top, turning onto the S.Oxford for a few days, so we may bump into you (not literally I hope)

    Would be nice to meet up. How far are you going down the Oxford.

    Roger & Pip

  2. Hi

    We are going down to Oxford and then back to Napton, how far are you going down?

  3. Banbury, or just passed probably.


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