Sunday, 10 July 2011

Return to Hawkesbury Junction

We set off from Market Bosworth this morning, sunny skies, rain showers were forecast but we had a lovely trip back down the Ashby canal.  We stopped for water and did the services at Sutton Wharf, we also filled up with diesel at Stoke Golding as we were showing 1/4 tank.  We got 125 litres in so not quiet as low as we thought.  Our plan was to moor at Limekiln again, but the moorings were full, as were the moorings at Bridge 6 & 5, not looking so good.  As the Ashby is shallow there are designated moorings and not many others in between, we decided to continue down to Hawkesbury Junction.  As we approached, it was wall to wall moored boats, it was also starting to rain (the first of the day) so wasn't looking good, however we just managed to squeeze in, as the heavens opened.  We have had a really good downpour, it has rained for about 3 hours solid, we gave up on walking to the pub for Sunday Roast and have eaten on the boat!
Late evening last night

Return down the Ashby Canal

Marston Junction

Charity Dock

17 miles today

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