Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Stratford upon Avon

We continued our journey up the River Avon to Stratford yesterday, as we set off the heavens opened so a good start both getting wet before we could get coats on.  The River passed through a couple of lovely villages with some very nice properties with river frontage.  We were caught by a narrowboat at one of the locks so waited for them at the next one so we could share, they were from Canada and America two lovely couples, one of which were seriously thinking of buying a narrow boat so lots of questions along the way.  On arrival in Stratford we decided to continue into the basin and not moor on the river, the lock from the river is a gongoozlers paradise, by the time we were operating the lock the crowd was about 5 deep all the way around the lock and across the bridge.  Fortunately we didn't mess anything up so looked professional!

Yesterday afternoon and today we have been tourists visiting some of the attractions around Stratford and just enjoying the town.  Last night we ate in Carluccio's, we enjoyed our starters and the main course was really nice until John found a bad clam in his Spaghetti Alle Vongole, to be fair once we alerted the waitress they couldn't have done anymore, fortunately John has been fine, and they wouldn't let us pay for any of the meal and did give us a goodie bag to make another Vongole at some point. What fantastic service.

Tomorrow we will hit the Stratford Canal and its 36 locks in 13 miles, although judging by the number of hire boats that have turned up this afternoon we might let them get off first so we can have a leisurely ascent of the locks.

Question of the day - anyone know what these trees/shrubs are?  We have seen quite a few and the have fabulous flowers on them, the leaves look like Castor Oil Tree

Monday - 9 miles 7 locks

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  1. We love Carluccio's sorry to hear about the bad clam.... Great pictures as usual, hope the weather improves over the next few days for you. Speak soon x


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