Monday, 13 August 2012

Farewell to the "Shroppie".

After a rather late night watching the closing ceremony, we were both up and showered and ready to go at a not unreasonable time of about 08:45.  We both study weather forecasts.  I favour the Beeb, whilst Ali swears by XC Weather.  Today the BBC seemed to indicate that there would be rain from mid morning until mid afternoon, so if the heavens opened I was prepared to call a halt!

Down to Autherley junction, it was, well, rather pleasant! And yet again very quiet... We watered prior to the stop lock, then without any disruption, negotiated the turn and began our journey down the Staff's and Worcester.  The water is remarkably clear along this section and whilst it passes through an urban area, it runs in a green corridor and you would never know urbania is just a few trees away.

The locks are pleasant and spaced just far enough apart for a quick cuppa in between. We even saw a Kingfisher!  Bratch locks loomed and we arrived just as a boat was exiting the top lock with no queue!  We had to wait for two boats to ascend though, just enough time for another cuppa. As we entered the top lock, the heavens opened.  It was a fine but heavy downpour, which lasted while we descended the locks, then stopped.  The locky was ably assisted by a volunteer who eased the passage and assisted Ali.   After the charmingly named Bumbleholme lock, came the Botterham staircase.  This on every occasion we have passed through seems to cause confusion, despite the signs. And not just to hirer's!  Ali did her bit and instructed two boaters on how to use the locks and then we ourselves descended.  The day was so much better weather wise than forecast that we decided to move on a little. After emptying the cassette at the services at Greensforge we descended the lock as the heavens once again opened.  In no small part due to this we called it a day and moored below and as we tied up, the rain stopped!  Still, enough done today.
Autherley Junction

Start of the Wolverhampton 21 (not today thanks!)

Circular Weir

Bratch Locks 

These short pounds are between the bottom of one lock and the top of the other 
but using the side ponds and culverts it saves water but looks strange

12 Miles 15 Locks. No Grumps, only happy people...

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  1. Sorry we obviously didn't send on the Chance weather, we must have kept it, it hasn't rained all day here, although it was forecast all afternoon! x

  2. Two sharp showers, think we got off lightly when you look at the forecast! Your time WILL come! x


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