Sunday, 12 August 2012

Crabbing down the Shroppie

Yesterday we left Market Drayton, a couple of boats had passed us so when we arrived at Tyrley Locks we were not surprised to see one in the lock and one waiting, however talk about good timing, by the time we entered the first lock there were eight boats waiting to come up.  There was a couple coming down but nothing after the first two, however boating spirit restored, the guy in front, who was single handed was dropping a paddle as he exited the lock for us and I did the same for the one behind us, it makes such a difference.  At the top we stopped at the slowest water tap we have come across all year, it was starting to get embarrassing as two other boats were waiting as we filled up, the third decided to carry on to the next tap!  We passed through Woodseaves and Grub Street Cuttings as well as along Shebden Embankment, passing boats as usual in the most awkward narrow, rocky places.  It was pleasant, overcast at times and sunny but windy and in the exposed open farmland, it always seems to be windy when we come along here and therefore we end up crabbing along.

Tyrley Locks

Lovely cottages with fabulous flowers and herbs

The old chocolate factory 

The well photographed
Double arched bridge with the telegraph pole

but... did you know that
Double Culvert Bridge carries a stream and footpath
 11.5 miles, 5 locks

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