Sunday, 12 August 2012

Return of the waterproofs

This morning was busy at Norbury Wharf, we wanted diesel but had to wait our turn, we then pulled over to the services, by the time we were ready to cast off there were three boats waiting.  It was hazy, like yesterday but much cooler, we got about two miles before it started spitting with rain, then it got heavier, out came the coats and hats, well they have been away for a few days.  This stretch alternates between cuttings and embankments, as it was raining the cuttings felt and smelt very damp, we even felt sorry for the chaps in a fishing match along one as they were getting some heavy drips on them from the trees.  We passed through Wheaton Aston and the only lock today, leaving behind the two day boats we had been following, and onto the long straight that goes across Stretton Aqueduct and the very busy A5 and into Brewood (pronounced Brood), where we moored.  We did a bit of shopping and had Sunday Lunch in the Bridge Inn, not the best we have had but by no means the worst, I think John enjoyed his roast pork more than I enjoyed my roast beef.  After lunch (which we had about 4pm) we decided to continue to the Shropshire Union Moorings between bridge 8&7 as we thought we would have more chance of getting a tv signal to watch the closing ceremony.  There are some lovely bridges along this stretch especially bridge 10 which has a fabulous balustrade, I think they belong to the estate of Chillington Hall.  We just managed to get onto the moorings, its full, probably the first time this year we have come across full moorings, we are now sat watching the closing ceremony.  I have to say I think the Olympics have been a great success, and I think Team GB have been outstanding.

Norbury Junction

Cowley Tunnel

Narrow in places

Stretton Aquaduct over the A5 Watling Street

12 miles, 1 lock, Cowley Tunnel 81 yards

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