Friday, 10 August 2012

Audlem then beyond.

We are making the most of the beautiful weather.  Having spent a very lazy day sunning and fishing at our mooring at Coole Pilate (where does this name come from?), we decided on a relatively early start in order to avoid the heat forecast for the afternoon.

So, showered and away for 0815. Typical of a hot day to come, the early morning became more and more misty.  By the time we cast off it was difficult to see any distance and so in order to give a little advanced warning to oncoming boaters, we illuminated the Tunnel light. This seemed to upset a chap washing down his boat! "Why do you need that on" said he.  So people can see us in the gloom.?..  The first boat passing commented on what a good idea it was and said they were putting theirs on.  Some people need to get a life.

Anyway we arrived at the bottom of the Audlem flight of locks.  For those who do not know this area, it consists of fifteen locks in just over a mile.  Above the third lock is the famous Shroppie Fly pub and water and services are also located in the same pound.  There was no queue and no boats in sight descending the locks so Ali prepared the first for us to enter and ascend.  As we lifted, we could see a boat entering the next lock to descend.  As you do, we left the top gates open for them to enter as we both left our respective locks.  At this point, an elderly lady and gent arrived at the lock we had just vacated, and turned it against the approaching boat!  How very rude is that we thought and expressed this to the  approaching boat.

At the second lock we saw yet another descending the next lock, so once again we left the top gates open, each of us leaving our respective locks in unison, only to see the same elderly couple about to turn the lock again.  I must admit, exasperated I shouted for them to leave it be.  How can people be so crass and rude. This from what appeared to be experienced private boaters.  By this time we decided to use the services and let them get on with it, so let them proceed whilst we did the necessary.

The rest of the flight was uneventful, meeting boats descending at all but a few of the locks.  The heat was well up by midday, so we stopped under the welcome shade of trees above the locks and had lunch.  A short hop then brought us to the Adderley flight of five locks which we ascended with no incident.  Boy it was getting hot now.  We cruised down into Market Drayton, where after a walk around town, we are moored for the night.  This small market town is looking very depressed, with even more closed retail premises since last year. So sad really, it has some beautiful old buildings.

Re reading this, I come across as a right curmudgeon...... But are not some people just exasperating and so far up their own jacksies? Hey ho, such is life.....

Sunset last night

Misty Morning

Morning Mr Magpie ...

Audlem Locks

Adderley Locks

7 Miles, 20 Locks. 

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  1. Just hopped across from nb Chance's blog. Love the Audlem flight, hot work today though. Specially loved the magpie picture, nice one!

  2. Coole Pilate means a croft growing pill oats (well according to the reference on Wikipedia!)

    And NO you are NOT at all curmudgeonly, you have manners, obviously the lock snatchers had lost theirs some while ago ;)


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