Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Service Day.

Early morning on the Shroppie

This morning we were up and ready by 0830. Just a few hundred yards to go until we were in the basin.  Just enough to warm the engine ready for the service.  The basin itself is rather tight, especially with boats moored, but I managed to turn and reverse onto the pontoon next to the diesel point, ready for the service.

It is rather a nice set up at Nantwich.  Chandlers, cafe and laundrette on site.  The service was completed by midday. In this time we managed to have a rather nice bacon roll from the cafe, fill with diesel and obtain a new gas bottle. The total price did not hurt too much either!

The weather was fantastic.  A little cloudy early on, but this gave way to glorious sunshine, which lasted until dusk. Before leaving the basin, I spun the boat about and reversed out of the arm.  Due to the angle and space, to drive out and make a right turn would not be possible and we would have had to have travelled north to a winding hole to make the turn.  All went well and we made it through the bridge before the CRT team recommenced the replacement of the flood gates.  Quick stop to top up the water and empty the loo and we were once again heading south.

The weather was glorious.  Ner a breath of wind.  We were soon at the first lock of the day.  We only had two to do, the Hack Green pair.  ( Near the not so secret nuclear bunker).  Once up we had a gentle chug until we reached the Shropshire Union canal Society moorings at Coole Pilate.  They were as usual, very busy.  We were going to give them a miss, but saw that the last two moorings were free, so took the one at the moorings limit.  No Shroppie shelf here, bliss....

So whilst I drowned a few maggots and caught some quality Perch, Ali decided she would give the boats roof a wash down.  Not satisfied with that, she then set about the port side, which at least was in some shade.  Starboard was in full sun and away from the towpath so that will wait for another day.

The sun set around 2000. It remained warm until just before it sunk over the horizon.  A very productive day . Tomorrow, we hit the Audlem flight!

Lovely evening sky

4.5 miles
2 locks

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