Thursday, 4 September 2014

Broad, deep and very Quiet, a little like me!

OK, I am a fat little podge, so let's get that over with.  But the canals here are a revelation for those based in the south.  They are wide, deep and disquietingly free of boats.  It can be somewhat unnerving to travel miles and not meet a boat.  Some like this, but we find it somewhat boring.

This morning we were off by 0930, waving goodbye to Pennington Flash.  Soon Leigh hove into view.  A really good shopping spot, so we moored up and made the short walk to Aldi.  I transported the spoils back to the boat, whilst Ali went on to Tesco to complete the shop.  By the time we had completed it was late morning.  The sun shone  and the weather was warm.  Passing under the bridge, we were back on the Bridgewater.  The canal is even wider, the water deeper and with not a lock or swing bridge on our agenda, we looked forward to making easy progress.

Bigger working boats here!

We stopped for water and to empty just to the west of the centre of Leigh, at a Bridgewater sanny station.  This is a somewhat hidden gem, very clean and tidy.  Local builders erecting a new fence at the adjacent pub gave us an audience, but they were only jealous.  Once done, we were off.


The fact that there are no locks, few moored boats, allowed us to do a good wash cycle and even to use the dryer. Worsley was soon passed and then we were onto the straight crossing the Manchester Ship Canal, passing the Trafford centre and onto Waters Meet.  Swift right and we were south bound. 

Kellogs factory

Barton Aqueduct

The sun of the morning somewhat disappeared as the cloud rolled in.  It remained warm and dry, but the wind did pick up a tad.  This is very easy cruising.  Very few boats moving, the canal wide and deep with little litter.  We made the traverse on Manchester with great ease.  A few things  do perplex us here.  The locals travel at speed passing moored boats.  They invariably move with pram hoods up, whatever the weather, which leads one to think that they rarely move off Bridgewater waters. Hey ho though......

Looking down to the Manchester Ship Canal

Tonight, well by 1700, we were moored up near Dunham.  Lovely spot near bridge 28.  After eating on the boat, we walked into the village and sampled the Ales at the Axe and Cleaver.   And  jolly good they were, in my humble opinion.

Wood pile at Waters Meet - ready for collection

The wind of the afternoon had ameliorated and it was a lovely evening.  So chillin out.....

Our mooring tonight

Miles 17.5
Locks 0
Swing/Lift bridges 0

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