Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Audlem. Been and gone!

Today we ascended the fifteen locks that make up the Audlem flight.  And that's about it really!   The day dawned crisp and misty, boding well for the day ahead.

By the time we had cast off, the sun was out and the morning mist lifting.  It was warm early on and with little or no breeze, became hot by mid afternoon.  We made our way past Overwater Marina and to the first of the fifteen. As a boat has recently descended, the lock was nearly ready for us and so we were soon on our way up. After the second lock we stopped and watered up.  It was eerily quiet.  Two more locks and we stopped for brunch and Ali popped to the shops for a few essentials.

1145 and we were on the move again.  There was the odd boat coming down, which meant that all the locks were in our favour, but no one in sight behind or ahead of us.  By this time the temperature was in the low 20's and we were glad of the shade the trees offered.

In no time we were at the top lock.  Ali purchased some rather nice scones from a stall at the cottage adjacent to the lock, which came with a pot of jam and clotted cream.

By early afternoon we moored for the day just below Adderley locks and spent the afternoon enjoying the sunshine.  Ok, Ali did, whilst I had a snoozette for an hour or two!  It be my age you know!

Miles 5
Locks 15

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